I collaborated with some children’s hospitals in Catalonia (Hospital de Granollers and Hospital de Sant Pere de Ribes) using the illustration for some of their departments.

“Well, like I explained you can’t imagine what that silly picture in my room meant to me…As I couldn’t do anything, I spent hours looking at it, because it was a nice mural (I still remember how it looked!). I imagined that I was with the Smurf (it was drawn in a field of mushrooms). I remember that I was very happy that they had put me in that room, because it was the only one that had a mural. Finally I remember that they repainted the wall, covering the picture up, which seemed like a real shame to me.”

Ana Sánchez, ex-colleague (SouthWing 2008-2009). She had to stay lots of times at the hospital, when she was a child.

  • Project Type: Illustrations applied in hospitals
  • Customers: Hospital de Granollers (Barcelona) and Hospital de Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona)
  • Project Year: 2011-2012